Fam Lockert

Født 1991


Idrettspsykologisk rådgiver/ mental trener



13 år konkurranse rytter 

Polo spiller




2016-2018: Kognitiv adferdsterapi (Anvendt idrettspsykologi- spesialisering)

2014-2015: MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise (University of Roehampton, London)

2011-2014: BSc Sport Psychology (University of Roehampton, London)

2007-2010: Toppidrettsgymnaset I Telemark



2016- (pdd) Lockert performance consultancy

2015- (pdd) Vitenskapelig assistent (NIH, department of psychology and coaching, Oslo)

2013- (pdd) Pleieassistent (Østerås bo- og behandling, Bærum)

2013-2014 Senior mentor (Department of life sciences, London)

2012-2013 Student mentor (Department of life sciences, London)


My philosophy:

The aim of my consultancy is to use the foundation of the cognitive-behavioral approach. I believe that building a collaborative and trusting relationship with the client is essential to help the client understand her/his current challenges (e.g. experiencing stress and pressure) and how their performance can be improved.