Mentale verktøy




Mindfulness is a mental state of awareness, focus and openness, which allows you to engage fully at what you are doing at each moment. It’s easy to get swept away by a tidal wave of thoughts and feelings. This can be particularly powerful when you are faced with worries, pressure and responsibilities and wanting things to be different.





Imagery is the vivid imagery or video created in the imagination. Either it is remembering back to a past experience or creating a new imagery of a performance could help the athlete create a vivid muscle memory related to what is imagined.




The use of goal settings includes distinct levels of directed behaviour towards a specific aim. The goal settings are affected by achievable and realistic goals included in both long and short –term processes. The ability to self-monitor becomes crucial through goal settings period because attention to external and internal cues, through greater self-awareness, could lead to quicker and more suitable control of intervention strategies. Setting goals could benefit from a carefully thought through plan, which could support the athlete through the process of achieving the desired outcome.